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                                                 Company Profile
    The Zhengzhou Gongda Construction Material Co., Ltd. is a sub-branch of the General Design and Reserch Institute of Zhengzhou University, it focuses on doing research, product development, production and sales of the energy saving product and prodution machine for building isolation. The company owns 6 invention patents, such as “Colourful Complex Heat Isolation Panel for Inversion Type Roof”,” Complex Heat Isolation Panel for Inversion Type Roof”,” Complex Filling Polyurethane Foams for Wall isolation”, and 11 new application patents. The company often takes part in setting up the local standard in Henan province. The company takes advantage of the human resource of research institutes to develop new energy saving products for building construction, it is one of the important new technology companies in Henan province. 
    Our company is a developping company keeping innovation. The implementation of the national mandatory standard for energy saving for building construction will bring a better opportunity for the company’s development. We will pursue the rule “Quality First, Honesty and Keep Faith”, keep improvement, and provide the best service to every customer. 
    We will think what you think, provide what you need. 
    Thank you for using our products and technologies! 
    Welcome to communicate and cooperate with us in any way!



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